Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Eiffel Tower during the Nazi occupation, 1940

The Eiffel Tower during the Nazi occupation, 1940
Translation: "Germany triumphs on all fronts". The V stands for Victory.  As V graffiti spread in German-occupied countries, the Nazis tried to co-opt it by claiming that V stood for “viktoria,” the German word for victory. They said the use of V’s by civilians was a sign of support for Germany.  Actually the German word for victory isn't "viktoria", it's "sieg" or "sieger". They just said Viktoria because it had to start with V, and the V originally meant "V for victory" when Churchill used it, so they probably needed something similar in order to not make it too obvious. When the Germans started their campaign, Churchill noted that they probably meant "verloren", German for defeat.

Also Viktoria is also the roman goddess of victory and there always was a slight connection between the Nazis and their ideology and European mythology, especially the roman one. So, using her as a symbol is legit for the Nazis and not that obvious either.

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